Vote for Rick!

Vote for Rick Brown!

Richard (Rick) Brown is a candidate for Fall Creek Township Board in Madison County, Indiana. Vote for Rick on November 4th, 2014!

Meet Rick Brown

Born and raised in Madison County, Indiana, Richard (Rick) Brown is a long time small business owner and entrepreneur, sports official, and current Deputy Treasurer of Madison County. He co-owns Mr. Computer, a computer consulting and administration firm in Pendleton, IN.

Rick also has volunteered in various organizations in different capacities:

International Team Development, Inc.

As a current board member of ITD, Inc., Rick helps plan, oversee, and budget for various missions domestic and international. Rick has personally been on mission trips to Zambia and Malawi.

Trinity United Methodist Church

Rick is the drummer for Trinity United Methodist Church's TLC campus in Pendleton. Or, as a certain Pastor's wife calls him, "He's our little drummer boy"

Pendleton Junior Baseball/Softball

Rick is currently Vice President of PJB which provides baseball and softball opportunities for the youth of Southern Madison County and beyond.

Court Appointed Special Advocate

Rick is a former volunteer for CASA in Madison County. Through CASA, Rick helped be the voice of children who were in the court system for various reasons. Working with these children, Rick spent time getting to know them, their families, and made recommendations to the court to made sure their needs were being met and their care was provided.

Central Athletic Officials Association

Rick is the current President and Technology Chair and former Football Chair of CAOA. In this capacity, Rick is responsible for the training and mentoring of sports officials in East Central Indiana, acting as a liaison between the IHSAA and the members of the association, and as a liaison between various athletic directors and other personnel and the members.

And in his spare time... Just kidding.. :)

Why is Rick running?

As you can tell from Rick's activities, he is very community driven. When he finds something he is passionate about, he dives head first and works hard to affect positive change. Rick loves Fall Creek Township and Pendleton. His desire is to do his part to keep it the crown jewel of Madison County that it is.

One of Rick's primary goals is government transparency. Rick would like to help the Township develop a website to communicate with the public about how the township government works, who the government is, and provide facts and figures to show taxpayers how their tax dollars are being spent in Fall Creek Township.

Rick has already shown his desire and expertise to help make government more efficient in his current role as Deputy Treasurer of Madison County. In two short years, Rick has worked hard to make that office more taxpayer friendly. Rick was instrumental in working with a third party vendor to create a website for paying property taxes online that does not charge the taxpayer a fee. Rick also completely redesigned the Madison County Treasurer's website to make it easier to use, easier to navigate, and easier to find information that a website visitor may be looking for. Rick has also changed many procedures internally to help utilize technology to make the office more efficient.

Help Rick do his part for Fall Creek Township by voting for him on November 4th, 2014!!